Below are the 6 Steps to Relieve yourself from Negativity

Here are six steps to relieve some stress and negativity from your world. This article just popped up. It was pretty neat. And we’re going to go ahead and share it. And so the reason why I think this is important is the world is super crazy right now. It really is. Things have changed so much. People staying home, all this stuff like social media stress. Like all of this, there is this cumulative effect and our market is starting to. We’re starting to see a little a little change in our market, which is if you haven’t experienced it, it can be a little unsettling, right?

So this article I found I’ll tell you, this is kind of interesting, but so at our land out in McKinney, I’ve been, you know, looking into planting a garden like that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. So I was just looking at articles about a garden and this and that. And then it kind of led me to this pulling weeds. And then I was like weeds, and I just started digging into it and digging. So we got that one.

I got to this, which is so random, but I look at things as maybe a sign. So this was really interesting that it was talking about if you wanted to grow a a stress free garden, you’ve got to pull the weeds. And I was like, Interesting, OK? So it led me to this article about how negativity can really play on, you know, I mean, it’s it’s a cause of your stress or negativity in all aspects of your life. So I started reading this and I thought it would be interesting. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share with you guys.

So what this was was a way to remove stress in your, in your business, in your life, right? And so you can be more productive. And one of the items was cut out negativity. So I just landed on this and I was reading it. And you know, you have to if you want to be stress free, you’ve got to cut things out, right? We’ve all talked about that before. Whether it’s volunteering too much for something like we talk about some of these, right, it’s maybe it’s too much. It’s too. So just stop certain actions that you don’t.

You know what? You guys are all in control of your business and there is no time for negativity. It’s easy in the world that we live in right now and all of the things we see on TV and and going on that it’s negative. You hear all these negative things. So it causes you to have this negativity and it really is not healthy. So it came it came up with six steps to free yourself from negativity, and I thought it’d be good to go through it.

So one realizing your own value, that’s hard because, you know, we might be very outgoing and great at what we do, but it seems like that we have some lack of confidence amongst, you know, really professional people that you would not think would be feeling that way. So everyone has a unique character, right? And that’s what makes you special. Don’t try to be like somebody else. Realize your own value, what you bring to the table. Great point, right? And don’t let anybody make you feel bad about that. If you like something that’s really not really common, amongst others, it’s OK. That’s what makes you unique.

Own it. Be proud of who you are and realize your value. The second one was identified the negative people in your life. Sometimes you don’t even realize they’re negative. We all want to help people. That’s what we do for a living. So we’re out there helping people in trying. And sometimes you just keep trying, trying, trying and you just keep getting slapped in the face. I know we’ve all experienced that.

All right. So real quick, if you would. We’re at nine o’clock right now. If everyone just takes out their phone and holds it up and takes a picture of the screen, what you’re going to then do is have all of this information, right? And now when you have it, you can refer back to it later on and just think about it subconsciously for the rest of the day. Yeah, right? And see what you can do and see us. This picture comes up where you should be going with it. So what we want to do is just let you take a look. Yeah. Think about it.

Ok, so what we’re going to do for just a moment is just pause and be quiet, and I’m going to let you look at the screen, read it yourself and think to it. And we’re going to just reflect for a moment.

And I think this would be good to just take a photo of, like you said, and when you’re like feeling a little stressed, oh, look it up. Are you doing these things? Because I think negativity can really weigh heavy and it’s not good. It’s not good for your home life or your work life or your kid’s life, whatever it is, and we’ve got to start eliminating some of the stress in our lives.

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