Real Estate Vocabulary -Hey there, Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner with Acquisto Real Estate. Here are four phrases to change in your real estate vocabulary. Let’s eliminate them. First, go with the ones we should get rid of. Let’s get rid of master bedroom. Same for, like master bathroom closet. Any one of those things that refer to the word master on it? Let’s get rid of the word walk in closet and I’ll tell you why.

Let’s get rid of Jack and Jill and let’s get rid of servant quarters. That one we initially look at it like, wow, that feels really bad. It’s really called that. So we’ll go over all of those and more. All right. So first, let’s start with the word master, followed by any other type of room in it. It doesn’t really sound good, right? We all kind of understand that one. That one’s been discussed in the news.

So we’re going to replace it with possibly main. I personally like utilizing the word main. And the reason for that is because if it is abbreviated, then it is still and B four main bedroom MBR and that’s kind of how it is shown online line. So we don’t have to change our abbreviations for it, but we can just change our vernacular and what it actually means and over time the net will replace it.

So I’m kind of not in favor of primary or bedroom one or bedroom two. I kind of don’t like that labeling. I like to call it the main bedroom, so whatever that’s worth. And then the same word goes for closet. So main bedroom. Main closet. Right. So those are the typical words there. I don’t like the word like owners. It kind of has that same kind of connotation there.

So I’m going to kind of stay away from that and utilize the word main that I’m going to talk about the word walk in closet. I heard this one the other day. Initially when I heard it, I was like, wow, I don’t really know what’s wrong with the closet that you can walk into. And then I quickly, quickly realized. And there’s a lot of people that, you know, we can’t take for granted that can’t walk. And they might have something where they’re in a wheelchair or whatever that happens to be.

So the word walk in closet is also an issue. And it’s not that we need to call it a roll in closet or any one of those different terms, but maybe it’s just simply a large closet, which is what it actually is. So if you can walk into the closet or you could roll into the closet, then it’s also large enough large or spacious. So a better adjective to possibly use is large or spacious.

So please consider that the word Jack & Jill is referring to in this situation when there is a back, a bedroom and a bedroom, and then you have this combined bathroom. And in this situation, they were saying that like the boys on one side, the girls on the other side, and we’re sharing this communal baths. So maybe it is simply a shared bath between two bedrooms. And we don’t need to define that.

It’s exactly a guy and a girl or a girl and a guy or any one of those different things that we need to worry about. Simply referring to it as a shared bathroom or communal bathroom possibly, or whatever those words are, would possibly be a better choice. All right, and servant quarters, that was like, whoa, yeah, we totally shouldn’t be using that one. So possibly consider using unattached living space or something along those lines.

So if you have some different words that you think that should be used instead of these, please let me know. Go ahead and feel free to check those bad boys in there and we’ll bring those up. But for now, those are the top four phrases that you should change in your real estate vocabulary to be a better agent immediately.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.1.21

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