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Hey, how are you guys doing? Let’s talk about privacy as it relates to 3D artwork. So this is something that is increasingly coming up in the news. We have an article that we’re going to share and discuss with you guys. But what we’re going to do is just discuss this topic in general with you. So we all kind of work through this together, right?

It’s one of those things that comes up because we talk about photos and privacy as it relates to homeowners. But there’s a lot that goes along with that, right? Because now all of a sudden, we’re having problems with appraisers and seeing the things. But then yet it’s for if anyone’s going to, you know, vandalize a home or break in or something. We don’t want to show these things. But then it’s how do we carefully balance what’s going on and have a need for this?

And so I think we’ll probably making some changes to some of some

Of those things in the future. So let’s take a look at 3D tours. I have a link in particular, and we’re going to share that with you guys. You see, it will end up in the description, but we’re going to show too much information and how sellers are possibly at risk with their privacy during the 3D marketing era.

So imagine that you had somebody who was maybe stalking somebody else or who  was going through something where, you know, maybe they had really expensive stuff and somebody was potentially going to, you know, to break into that. What we want to do is we need to balance marketing the property and showing off everything that’s in there and long term what’s going on with this because the seller understands I need to show my home right during this time frame.

But then afterwards, what happens a month later, two months later, a year, five years later, with each of those different items? So we’re going to kind of scroll through this and let you guys see some stuff that goes along with this. But well,

I’ll tell you something I’ve thought about for a few years now is how we can remove the address. And so when we list properties and it’s not been well received, but recently it’s come up in some in our discussions about and I think, California, especially with having so many high profile individuals listing the need to maybe not publicly market the actual address.

So, you know, we know Airbnb when you book something, it gives you a vicinity that it’s located in, but they don’t share the address until you are booked and ready to go. Right?

Yeah, I think that’s I think that’s a great way that they do it. You know, I think maybe agents should see it. You should keep fighting the good fight on that one, because if we really look at this, you know, there’s a lot of challenges with this right and people have had all different types of problems.

And whether it’s been people taking expensive things or, you know, kind of breaking in or what it is or people stalking or any one of those different things, right? It’s just a real, real challenge. And so what we want you to do is be able to take a look through this article in particular and see some of the things that go with it. Right. So we’re going to go back and we’ll just go, just discuss it even more.

Just you and I hear and see what we kind of come up with that kind of my just talking through this with you, Mike, and I haven’t even had this discussion, but my thought is, you know, we need to kind of compromise with the appraisers.

Ok, so talk about the one side. What is the appraiser want?

The appraiser needs to be able to do a true apples to apples comparison. Right? And so things that influence the value would be if a home is updated or not the same thing if you go to dispute your taxes. Yeah, same thing. If it’s publicly out there, then the county can also look at that information.

Yeah. So I think that may be to kind of compromise that we’re removing everything but one photo. Maybe we leave the front, the back and then the kitchen and just condense them down to just three or four photos so an appraiser can make an assumption based on that information if something was updated or not.

Typically, people don’t just massively update update one room like a kitchen and then leave everything else. But sometimes they do, or they just update a bathroom. So we’re going to be talking through that over the next few days and figure out what to do. I do think that removing the the Matterport and the three tours and those things, yes, appraisers don’t want.

They’re just looking at the photos. So I think that there’s a compromise there to be had with, you know, maybe we go back and we do need to leave a few additional photos up just for that purpose, because what we don’t want is an appraiser to have to dig and call and wait for somebody to send them a link and then that doesn’t get considered because they’re on a time crunch. So I think that this is a need that we need to consider.

And yeah. So Chat in now we’re going to have a quick poll for you as we finish out this topic. So the first the first option is going to be how much data should we show on a sold listing? Mm hmm. And our options are going to be none like zero data. Like no information whatsoever.

One photo the front picture, three photos is going to be the the third choice, and three photos can be front. And one interior and one rear picture to show that off. Yeah, and then everything. You should just show it. All right. And we’re just going to take a super quick poll. And what we’re going to see here is there’s going to be a lot of different, varied options and that’s what we would display publicly.

We’re taking set information back down after we close the listing out. Yeah, right. And so there’s a lot of difficult choices as it relates to this, and every company makes a different decision. Thanks for putting that up so quick. He’s awesome, isn’t he?

And, you know, he just threw that out thereafter me. But what I see here is what we’re working on now with our website is the ability to have different views. And I think that’s where that becomes the key part because of what we have on our website.

I just got off the meeting shout out to Dave and Naz. I was on the meeting with them super early this morning, talking through our website and the different login profiles that we have. So we download everything on our servers of all the data, right?

And we don’t dump it afterwards. So we have that as an agency. And then we as brokers and as agents can log in and see the information regardless of what somebody else takes down. Once we have it. Mm hmm. But displaying it publicly is something different.

So we might need to have an appraiser log in where they can get to us now. Shawna is going to conversely say on the other side, we can’t make it difficult on them, right? Right. But you know, it’s kind of one of those things. Wow. Thanks for the results.

The instant results from the poll as people like three pictures. Ok? So there’s a need for privacy, right? There’s a need for each of those things. And it’s it’s really interesting. Yeah. And it helps if you’re running comps, if everything’s there, you’re right. And we have to look at it, we do the same thing as are the appraisers when we’re trying to get information.

So, you know, that’s where we kind of realized it’s difficult. And I think that all the picks and maybe we leave the minimum because we do get a lot of phone calls and maybe this is something you guys don’t know in the Office of People. Please take my photos down.

Yeah. You know that people, they don’t want their photos out there. So I think compromising and having a few and then maybe in our description, we change. If you need additional photos, please contact us. We took them down for privacy purposes and just disclose that and let them know why we did it. But if we have it on our website where appraisers can always log in and do that, they’ll love us. Yeah. Wow.

Imagine this, ladies and gentlemen. So anyways, I hope you guys like this topic. Why were you so happy that you guys engaged because we want to hear your, you know, your opinions on all of this too, so we can make make a good decision?

Yeah. So we’re going to ask that question again. Did you like the topic? Yes or no? We’ll put that one up there real quick as we finish this. Finish this. Oh, yeah, right? Did you like the topic? But thank you guys for joining us. That was really good. Yeah. And I think we’re ready for the next topic. Go ahead and vote and we’ll get moving on. This one ain’t your mama’s technology.

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