380/Tollway in Frisco. Ok, what is happening, everything’s moving north, all these new big and exciting developments coming in and we just want to share with you so you’re in the know. So three eighty and the tollway, as we know heard now, Jerry Jones has bought up a lot of land out there and he’s going to be doing his thing. But this development at Three Eighty and the Tollway is going to be pretty magnificent.

This is all stemming around the the PGA. Ok, so they’re going to have new office space, a new entertainment destination, and I’m envisioning it being a lot like Legacy West Area. Right? They have some housing around there. It’ll be it’ll be a little different, but you know, it’s going to be a really great place to go and hang out. So I knew they were going to be putting in.

They’ve made a couple of changes. They were going to put in a big convention center there and they have since pulled that back because there’s another one close by.

But I’m going to have a um, car. Share this so you can kind of get a get an idea of what’s going on there. So there’s going to be a new mixed use development, right all around the PGA. It’s going to be insane. It’s going to be super cool and it gives us another place to go hang out.

So the development will be four point seven, five million square feet of office space. That’s a lot and twenty two hundred residential units. Who’s excited about that? Now this is going to take, I think when I was reading it eight to 12 years to build out the development.

I’m not sure about the housing, but it’s something to keep on your radar, you know, and know that this is going to be a really wonderful area. So when you have your clients moving to this area, it’s something you definitely want to add. It’s exciting, new and exciting big developments like this. You know, I don’t know the newness. It is exciting to have another place to go.

Hang out. Another place to go and spend time with, with family or with guests, I think is super exciting. You know what else I think this does? I remember not long ago when people wondered, if I am north of the tollway or if I am, you know, a little further west. Like Aubrey and even further, crossroads, you know, you start getting closer to Denton.

People thought that was in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden it’s not. It’s going to be kind of in the middle of everything. So we talked before about these areas that could be up and coming, and we don’t have a crystal ball. We don’t know what’s going to happen. But look, what’s happened in the past. Look how everything is kind of, you know, been on this forward movement north. You know, we used to laugh at my dad. He lived in the West Ridge area and you guys know where we live.

And every time he was like, Well, I got to go. I got to go north. You know, he was just when he would leave our house. So it’s really funny, but you got to go north if you want to be in all the excitement. You know, you kind of got to go north. That’s where all the newness is coming in. But we also talked about these small little towns, you know, and if they’re within a certain area, you can use this as your kind of your base, right?

And see how far these homes these residential areas are from this area, right from three, eighty and the tollway. And then, you know, it’s really probably not that far, not as far as it was, you know, a few years ago when we were thinking about it because there is nothing out there now, there’s growth in development.

So when you’re looking for your clients, you need to talk to them about this. Show them these things so they feel comfortable. When they are purchasing homes in a different area, they’re having to go outside of the area that, hey, things are coming. Things are encroaching out that air out that way. So it’s, you know, gives them something to think about and it might make them feel more comfortable.

Ok. I also want Omkar just so you guys know where this whole PGA headquarters and all this development is going. I’m going to have them share over this map. So as you can see in Omkar, can you kind of scroll out? Yeah. So you guys can see kind of where this is a three eighty tollway? You know, and as you look further west, look at all these things. I don’t know if you guys have taken a drive down three to the West Denton recently, but my sister lives in Senger and out that way. When we go and see her, it’s like, Whoa, there are so many things that have popped up.

I mean that you saw that Kroger, Kroger marketplace, there’s, you know, shopping all kinds of developments going in. So it’s exciting. And maybe. We should start looking a little further out for these buyers who still can’t find a home, right?

Tell them, show them what’s going on and push them out that direction so they can get something. And if they’re getting in now, think about in the next, you know, five, 10 years. I think they’re going to be in a good position. It’s not that far out, right? Ok. That’s it.

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