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380 Bypass Update: Denton County All righty, so there’s some updates here for our three bypass, and I think we should give them to you. Yes. So the dentin version of the 380 bypass, they have their information that’s going on here. So what we want to do is give you an update on who we spoke on this the other day, that this was going to happen. It was going to be like this virtual meeting and all of those different things.

So we’ll take you up on the other screen, the the exact link for it here. And then we will migrate over and share that with you guys. So, boom, here we go, we’ll split the screen and show that off and then check this link in to you and kind of walk through it. So this link is going to be coming over to you here in just a second in the chat link. And a reminder that you can always find that just by scrolling right by that like button and there the thumbs up button and you’ll see all those links right down there that is now posted for you live.

I’m going to take control of this and kind of go through and show us what happened during this public meeting. Maybe I’ll improve this size a little bit and make it much easier for you guys to see that. Yeah, there we go. And as we scroll through this, this happened just the other day on December 2nd. Shana had alerted us that this is going to take place and then there’s going to be a public comment period. So there’s a time when you can go through and actually make your comments on it.

Now, what I’m going to do is show you I’ll scroll down. So these are the ways that you can make the comments if you wanted to fill in. So they count each comment kind of like equally. So if this is super important, do you want to share with somebody else then all you would simply want to make sure they do is go through this. And if you submit it like our whole neighborhood feels this way, like we got together as in each way. And here’s our official response that comes as one down.

If you get together and you share it and you put it together and you each send that same thing, it’ll count as one per person and you can use this same response. But anyways, just some notes. These are the websites and the links to all the different places that are relevant.

So if you want to see in a different area what was going on concurrently, then you would go ahead and click on these links and be able to see what’s going on as we go through. This is just in Denton County that they were covering here. There’s also been a 288 study, the Denton area and then the Collin County one. We have to be physically located in Collin County currently.

So we went through in Schug with that is they go through and show what the future recommendations are going to look like and kind of the width of the road that they’re looking at, OK, that they’d be putting through most of this

area. And they have a lot of study guides. They show like, hey, why do we really need this? What’s going on? And there’s all types of different separations and what that could look like this a link that you probably really want to take some time to look at and consider.

I’m going through it in a rather quick way and going through this. They have constraints that they deal with, but then we’ll end up getting down to the main area and I’ll be able to show off the link that they have of like exactly where the road is going to be. So that’s kind of the payoff here that we have. Well, the options, the options on what they kind of look at.

So these are the current options and they put the different routes and highlight them. So they have a blue and orange, a purple and a green. I don’t know if what they call that. So they call it blue. So this is blue and exactly where the blue route would be potentially going. And then they have a yellow route and that’s the length. They’re purple route and orange route.

And you think they called it blue? I think they call it turquoise. Teal still OK. I didn’t know. I don’t know my colors well enough. It’s like not a thing for me. So anyways, those are the different options that would be going on. You guys can study that because there’s some people that this definitely affects.

So if you’re looking for well, it affects clients like a lot of growth going north. So, you know, this isn’t something that you want to find out about or learn about later. This is something to be proactive on and follow and understand, you know, what’s going on so you can share when you have clients that are moving up towards the north area. Yeah, and there’s a bunch of it, right? Yeah, keep going.

You know, Susan and I actually we’re talking about this yesterday, how we used to come down one twenty one and it was like a two two lane road and it was dark. Yes. And you felt like, man, we’re in the middle of nowhere. And now I mean, it’s going to just happen there, you know, the same way. And it’s incredible how you think, OK, there’s cars. But this is going to be a they called it the super highway, right? It was like S.H. one twenty one super highway, one twenty one. And and you’re like, oh, come on, that’s it. Really super. Now I’d like to see how much traffic is there.

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