A quick look at 30 Year Fixed interest Rate

Where are they, how are they compared to what they were six months ago? How are they compared to what they were two years ago? What about five years ago, 20 years ago? What are we looking at and are they moving up or down this week or this month?

Where would I get set information? So my name is Mike Acquisto, and I’m going to share some of that information with you.

I’m going to give you these why charts and we’re going to go ahead and split the screen and take a look at it. All right, so this is a chart of the 30 year interest rates, and they publish them by week and then they have all different type of results going out here over time.

I’m going to go ahead and take control of this car and see actually, if you could, can you expand this and make it a bit larger for us so you can see the information better? Maybe we go ahead and blowup the screen just to touch, so it comes into focus a little bit more and then I’ll grab the mouse here and that’s perfect size. I like how you did that.

And we’ll go over here and I’ll show you that the chart has different types of data, so the 30 year fixed rates do move all the time. So I’m going to see if we can get this to load here for us and see what it looks like on a ere we go. Ok, so on a monthly basis, this has some information on where it was and where it’s going, where it’s been over the last three months.

So if we look back historically, it was down as low as two point ninety nine over a three month time frame and it did go up to three point one. So we had about a an eighth of a point movement in the last three months. If we scroll out to a six month time frame, we are going to see that over the last six months, it was down to as low as two point seven seven.

These are some average numbers because they go in one eighth increments, but this is where it was over a six month time frame. If we go ahead and look year to date, we’re going to see that we did get down to some even lower numbers. But these are super brief of two point sixty five.

So that is a healthy change between the lowest and the highest that we’ve had from year to date. If we scroll out and look even further, we’re going to see that.

I think that’s going to be the absolute low point that we’ve had and over a longer time frame, we’re going to see that, you know, where we were just recently was four point four when we were kind of cruising along in 2019 and going a little bit further back.

We’re going to see numbers changing. But we were in the 4S and, you know, the super high 3s in twenty seventeen twenty eighteen, so we’re still considerably less than that.

But we’re definitely it seems to be moving up a little bit higher from where it previously was from. Go ahead and take a look over a 10 year time frame. When we kind of look and took an average here, I would say that the average was four point five over the last 10 years of kind of where interest rates were.

We had some highs up here at the 5S and then looking further outward and obviously see that interest rates can explode kind of like they did in the eighties. But it has been a steady, steady decrease since the Eighties. And if you scrolled out and just took a look at it, you’re going to see that it kind of looks like it’s just on this downward trajectory of where rates have been.

And, you know, online, they’ll they’ll have the financial guys kind of draw a line through here and give you this average. But it’s going to look like a steady, decreasing line at a slow rate with peaks and valleys. But when you take those averages, that’s kind of where we are.

You know, it’s really weird that you can’t see the big change in the pandemic when you look at this. You know, to me, the eighties, we’re such a an anomaly on how they came across here with the high of 18 percent.

It would think like, you know, the events we’ve just recently had would have a much steeper decrease than this had an increase. When you look at the whole world is just odd to see that this is the outlier. It would seem like we would have the reverse of that.

That would have occurred during this, during what we had now, rates did go down and things were kind of stabilized, but we didn’t have any negative event similar to this being a positive event. Therefore, interest rates that we had in the eighties.

So when you really look back at that in history, if you studied what went on in the eighties, you can see how crazy that really was compared to how crazy what we just had was. So anyway, that’s a look at the 30 year interest rates and what they’ve done over time.

They do obviously move up and they do move down, but it’s good to kind of just see where they are and see where they are in relationship to different times in the past. Ladies and gentlemen. Check it out any time you need that links down there for you.

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