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Insider market updates All right, insider market updates from Mike, so during this topic, I’m going to share some things that I recently ran across. I won’t share who they came from, but I am going to give some  updates. So the three topics that I’m going to kind of hit on here are real, their leads in the consolidation of them. I’m going to talk about California movers. California residents relocating to Texas and some things that we could possibly do there and Airbnb rentals and what that could kind of be like for your business.

So those are the three topics that kind of talk through. And then I’ll give you some background here. So the background would start with yesterday afternoon. I had a trusted person give me a reach out to me and say, like, hey, do you have a couple minutes? So I was able to speak with them and we had a phone conversation for about 20 minutes. And they talked through when they were like, hey, here’s a couple of points. And we talk through those different points. So I’m going to be sharing those with you and we can kind of go through them. So the first one was real and their leads.

Now, I didn’t fact check this information, OK? But it was received to me that they are consolidating. All of DFW leads to one place and that you will not be able to, after January 1st, purchase real leads any more locally. They’re all going to one company.  

Now, this is a thing that we had seen coming. So we saw that coming with it getting consolidated to city. And I saw that road a while ago.

That it was going to OP City because they bought them and they paid a ton of money and all those different things there be setting them up and giving them out as referrals going forward. So this is one of those items.

I’m not positive, but I did hear the date in January that you wouldn’t be able to purchase any more. So I’ll continue to fact check that maybe Katy and I will work through that issue directly and be able to give you an update. But I want to let you know that if is a big part of your marketing budget and you planned on getting leads from there for this year or in the future, that there might be a dramatic slowdown to zero in regards to those. So you might need to look at modifying your budget. So those are discussions internally that will have to have and see what goes on in how we adjust.

But we first need to fact check and get that information, OK? So that’s kind of the first item. And thanks for the updates.

California Market Updates

So those are always really good things to have all these market updates then. I was talking with them again and they said, you know, is a is a third party. You wouldn’t imagine the amount of California movers that are coming for California transplants that are coming here. And they’re coming here for a lot of reasons. And the one that I heard the most that they were speaking about was the fact that the residents are unhappy in California.

And they were pointing to a lot of political things, a lot of religious, a lot of race, color, creed, sexual, national origin of a transgender substance out there. No, it was not. The people that were moving were not necessarily related to things, but it was more like political and governmental things that they were moving because of. Similar to like we speak about a conservative move and conservative move dotcom and what they kind of have. So there is a lot of people that were moving here from California for more or less political reasons and that the local government or state government was becoming so own, so overbearing on them and imposing upon them that they’re like, I need to do this now.

I’m not saying I disagree with California’s politics or not get into political discussion in the least, but there was a lot of people moving here because of that reason in general. OK, so we spoke first about the insider info that realtor dotcoms consolidating and you might potentially lose some people there. And then we were also speaking about how this could be an opportunity. So if you know that people are moving here for that reason, then how can you market to them and how can you attract them?

So I might consider if you’re looking at some type of marketing campaign or what to do, that may be something gets put towards a California specific campaign to kind of capitalize on that. So internally, those are things that will be speaking on and seeing what we can do as a company to do that and how we could directly target them. But as an agent, those are things that you might want to consider and see what see what you could do better there and consider market updates. With the information I did have from the California people is that the average homes they were buying is between six hundred and nine hundred thousand dollars. And they were putting a lot of cash down, if not all cash, and they were seeing a huge influx of these migration pattern things. So those are large transactions and ones that are worth spending some time on.

I like that they’re investing so much in the home because that will protect our market as well and will better understand it with market updates analysis.

It does. And we saw that years ago when we’ve had a lot of them moving forward. You see a lot of migration patterns. You saw that from California to Montana to Boise, Idaho, you were talking about the other day to Montana, from California right now and to a lot going on in Boise, Idaho, as well. Right. You you got some inside info from  Beth the other day, right, in Idaho. Yeah. And how busy they were. So the last one that we’ll cover here.

Sorry to cut you off, though, is Airbnb and Vacation Rentals. So we’ve had a it was also reported to me that people that were investing in Airbnb were doing well, OK, and that it was recommended to us as a business model that we could potentially do ourselves to earn income as like Mike and Shana. And they recommended it to us as an investment strategy.

Isn’t that something? Yes, it is something. So the people that they knew had been buying Airbnb slowly over a period of time, and it was reported that there was several people locally that had started this this trend a period of time ago, and that they now had moved from one to two to three, and they had three a period of time ago. And through covid and through all those things, that trend did continue. And now they’re up to like five or six on average of different properties that they had themselves.

So and why I report this trend to you, because maybe that helps your personal investment strategy. Maybe it’s something for your clients. You should have a lot of clients that start to look for things like this. So is that something that you specialize in going forward and whatever that looks like? Maybe these are the three topics that we kind of pull out and study in greater depth, but nonetheless, had some insider info that came across yesterday from a trusted source to myself.

And I just want to share that with you guys. Now, when you’re doing that, let’s think, too, I would start to research if this is something you think you want to start learning more about. I think it’s very wise to do so. And I would start researching areas that work that  there’s no restrictions on short term rentals because we know homeowners associations and some cities do have restrictions on that. So just be careful and, you know, start doing your research, you know.

So those were three kind of topics on insider market updates. And we hit each one of them real, California people moving here and Airbnb being a successful source. What we probably will do is break those apart and cover them as future topics in total and dive deeply into each one of them.
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