3 Best Features to Include in a New Home – I’m Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and call owner with Acquisto Real Estate, that’s where Shana would normally sit.

She’s a luxury broker, but she’s not here. She’s in California doing luxurious stuff. So without further ado, we are going to cover the three best features to include in a new home. And by features I’m talking about Romes in the best Room features things that we can possibly do.

Laundry Room

So just kind of think about this and let’s put it in this mental space. This is my unofficial list, but I’ve got some assistance from people that I really trust. Amy Gasperini out of Frisco, Texas, Chassagne, and told me the other day that the laundry room and specifically a large laundry room is extremely important to her.

Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate agent from Frisco, Texas, as well, it’s weird that we have so many Frisco people telling me what to do and specifically women that I know telling me what to do.

But two large offices are also important. We’ll discuss a little bit more about that in just a moment. And. A random person on the street tells me that extra storage and hidden space is also very important. They want to keep things out of the way and we’ll go over that in just a moment of how we can keep our home kind of showing ready even when it’s not showing time. It’s not a plug for the company showing time is just about like, I don’t know, I use a word in an awkward way.

But anyways, back to the large laundry room. So Amy and I had a discussion about this. And when we were talking about it, she told me several features in a large laundry room that she would like. So we’ve been kind of laying this room out and discussing what that room would look like.

I’m going to have a very detailed discussion, breakdown, each one of these rooms in the very near future for you guys. So get excited about it. But the large laundry room that Amy is speaking about has obviously room for the laundry.

And you can put the washer in the dryer in there, but also an additional space to fold, because what we run into oftentimes is that now this room is too small and we can actually utilize the room correctly.

So we will have an actual place inside this amazing laundry room that you can go ahead and fold, maybe a place that the kids can pull up and kind of sit down in Ireland, whether it drops down or a tire on bar top seats so that they could sit there and hang out with the other person who happens to be doing the laundry, folding, putting stuff away or whatever that is this laundry room space.

Now that we have a little bit more space in it, also underneath this island would have something like a a dishwasher so that we can show off some additional items and so we can clean some dishes when we have a big party or an event.

So imagine in this large home that we have a lot of guests over and we have maybe somebody come in that helps to cater every once in a while and that we can bring all of these extra dishes, all of this extra stuff and put it inside this laundry room that’s most likely right by this kitchen.

So as we pull everything in there, we now have an extra sink with the garbage disposal and we can go ahead and take some time and do the dishes there and get them away from the main sink. One of the weird things that happens is people are willing to help clean up when a party ends or when they leave.

But if you only have one dishwasher crazy, that seems you can’t get that all done. So if you have a lot of people over, if you’re able to pull everything in and you have two dishwashers, one in the other room, then you get twice as much done. And it’s not an issue for you later that night or the next day to finish all those dishes and you’ll have them all sparkling clean before you even go to bed that night.

So the second dish washer key thing with lots of extra space. Great idea, Amy. In addition to that, we want to also have a window looking out. We want to make sure this is a fun and inviting space to be inside and maybe include a television as well.

Amy, just coming up with some sparkling ideas that will be included inside this laundry room. My hat’s off to you, Amy. Great job. The dual offices, we’re talking more about that all the time. And clients have multiple people working at home now. And we want to ensure that two offices become kind of the new standard. If we’re going to be selling luxury properties, we have people earning good incomes and most likely dual high end incomes.

So in that situation, both parties are going to want to have a nice, spacious office to home office in. And that is  the new standard. So ensure that if you’re looking at building a new home or you’re looking at finding one for your client and assisting them with that, that we  look towards that trend of the dual home office. This is something that’s not going away.

Once you get used to having your own office, you’re not going back and sharing your on all those annoying zoom calls. You definitely don’t want that volume spilling over and you don’t want to be the person working at your kitchen table. You’d rather have your own office.

So there you go. And tons of extra storage space, places to put things away, places to hide, things so to speak. So when that caterer comes over and that fictitious situation, we’re able to pull all that stuff in and put it inside this laundry room.

That’s right next to it. Right. So we’re going to talk about all that and much more. But those are my three best features to include in a new home or best rooms to include a new home. I have a lot of chat action and we’re all talking about this here.

Let’s see on the side, Shana says she loves Amy’s laundry room ideas. Yeah, there’s plenty more. I didn’t get to hit on all of them. Maybe we’ll show some pictures of some of her favorite laundry rooms in the very near future. We’ll discuss that and get that in.

And what else do we have here? Megan loves that. Shana is a celebrity. Well, that’s pretty good. And the double washers and dryers, those are definitely a thing. Regardless, Shana is extremely active on today’s chat. I do appreciate that. Thank you. Let’s go ahead and close that topic out.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.30.21

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