2 years out for new homes, more to come

Who wants a new home? A brand new home? Two years? I don’t know. That’s something I just heard the other day for the first time. Two years is when you’re starting to have a contract written for. So the builders are changing their tune just a little bit from like we have hundreds of people on the list.

Let’s start working through the builder community.

So let’s start working custom, but correct. Let’s start working through this backlog. If we have hundreds of people on this list. On the wait list.

Then let’s start working through and putting them on a contract. So all of a sudden you have this situation where people are starting to sign a contract for two years out from now for a new home and well, so if there’s two years out, but there’s hundreds of people on this list, you start working through the list and calling them and you’re like, Would you like to be on the list to build a new home? And three years from now?

Ok And then all of a sudden you look at it and then you go through the list even more. How about four years from now? Now you’re four years out, and all of a sudden it’s like, Well, you know, my kids are starting high school and they’re going to go to college then. So you know what? Actually, I want a new home in five years from now.

So can I get out now? Get it planned? Can I get that all done now where you start looking that far out. So if the builders have that type of issue, are you interested in dealing with realtors in that situation? Right. If you’re the builder, you’re like, forget it. I have a list of five years of people.

I’m not dealing with a realtor and being cooperative there because there’s so much demand for it. So now we have no inventory.

Hence why the push is even more important, right? This is a crazy thing. The builders in some way.

Shape or form. So this is totally changing the way homes are going to be purchased.

You’re not going to have these models. You’re going to be going in and you’re going to it’s going to be like, hey, four years from now, would you like this? You start picking things out. There’s going to be parameters you as the buyer are going to be responsible for.

If anything changes price wise or like, can you even make selections for what it is like, Hey, this is a style I want four years from now. Is that what we’re saying?

Style in anyway. Now a lot of builders just it’s like package packaging or B and it’s already chosen. Yeah.  

Four years from now the colors are going to change because I’m building four years from now. So like, you know, right before you start, you get to meet with the designer, but there’s really no, you know, constraints around this totally going to favor the builder. And now this home buyer is going to be years out from when this is. You’re going to have to schedule that.

So now you can’t sell your house, you can’t list it any time soon because you have like a scheduled move end date. That’s two years, three years, four years, five years from now. Yeah. As a buyer.

I think the shift in our market from build to rents to to this right to the way we do real estate is, is shifting. And I think this is the most monumental shift that we have seen since we went from a book to technology. I think it’s going to be that big of a pivot.

Yeah, it’s a huge, huge change. And we can do even more change and foresee and get involved in, you know, and put our voices out there. I mean, it’s important you can’t sit back and just, you know, if you if we understand as an industry this is where it’s going, which it is, then this is where we collaborate and unite and voice our.

Wow, thanks for being involved and doing all those things for us. Shana So new homes, now you know how far they are out and where they’re going to be.

Going in the and into. A lot can happen in a year, but you know, your financial stability can change drastically. So I wonder if contracts have changed working for sure, right?

Like all of a sudden, like, no, I can’t afford that. But like five years from now can I? So I’m scheduling.

Yeah. The interesting the three contracts. You build a house now imagine that you build your like a starter home now and with the same company you say five years from now I want a medium sized house in ten years from now. I want a large house.

Yeah. Do you do that already in advance and everything’s all scheduled, like your future scheduled with these builders? I don’t know. You could be locking in and doing those things, but we have much more.

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