Mandatory Off Weeks

Their mental health is important, we just came out of this huge, huge, year long thing.

Your whole world was totally different and everybody gets together and we all have to huddle and we all have to work super hard and we have to get together and spend more time on Zoom’s. And we probably want to you get to look at my my face way more than anyone needs to. And you think to yourself, wow, people are really starting to get burnt out. So let’s do something about that. So what we have here is we have people that we’ve been running kind of into the ground.

And with mental health being a real thing, we need to make sure that we take some mandatory time off as agents. We’ve been preaching this for a long time that we want to make sure that you as an agent, take some time to rest, recover, recuperate between closings between clients whenever you possibly can. But then what we do is we sit back and we look at it like, whoa, wait a minute.

So as a brokerage, Shawn and myself have been run in super long and super hard and been keeping the pedal to the metal and doing all these things to make sure that everything happens for everybody. And we look around and say, hey, we need some time ourselves. And if we need some time, then so does our support family. So Megan, Stacey. And everybody needs some time. Sometimes we get into this thing of working way too much and it doesn’t help.

Sometimes the less work, you’ll actually be more productive. So we do have two weeks that we are going to now look at on an annual basis to completely shut down support so that they have time to totally disconnect and reset and regain their mental health. So this is something that we need to do for for them as support. So the first one is going to be the Fourth of July week.

So that’s typically known as the most common vacation week of the whole year, where everything there’s just so many people that are on vacation that week that it’s just the most busy vacation week of the year. So whenever Fourth of July happens to fall during that week, we’ll take that calendar week and we’ll shut down support. And what we have to do is know in advance that we have some stuff going on and we need to take care of that is agents.

And we need to give all the support family the time that they truly need. So think about yourself and then think about when you took your last vacation, what you did, and then think about Stacy, think about Megan, think about and think about everyone else that helps you out right now on a daily basis. And we expect them to always be there for us. And then, as they’re always there for us, all of a sudden those days keep turning right.

And we want to make sure that they take that necessary time for themselves so they’re able to be here for the long term. We want Megan, Stacy, and we want everyone to be with us for like decades. And you can’t do that if you’re not taking some time off. So necessary time off and the Fourth of July weekend and then the second week is going to be between Christmas and New Year’s.

So we’ll have to make sure that we do take take that time off, make sure if you are an agent that you are planning for, that would give you some reminders as that comes up a little bit sooner and make sure that if you have any closings that are taking place during that time, that you do your absolute best to to work through those in advance and get that all taken care of.

It’s just been a real stress on us as a society. And there’s a lot of companies that have started to recognize it and say, hey, we need to take some time. And I think it is a big thing. So we’ll take off those two weeks throughout the calendar year for support. I hope that does help out because mental health is a real thing. We want to make sure that you’re able to decompress and gain your own health and sanity and safety. So please plan around this. I know it’s a short notice, but, you know, the virus didn’t give us notice either, so.

That’s about all I have to say, I hope everybody works through that the most efficient way possible. Thank you very much.

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