150 Acres- Ladies and gentlemen, the pandemic has been going on for a long time in a lot of things have changed. Yes. And one that’s changed is America is going rural. People are looking for some rule or rule. It’s hard to say rural.

Very good. So things are changing and people, rural, rural, things have changed. They rule and people are looking for more space.

And in doing so, what’s happened is a lot of people have totally changed the way they’re doing things. If you don’t have to report to your office in order to have the proximity to like Dallas, for example. Right. And you don’t have to drive there, then why not have something dramatically different? People are looking to control their own destiny and do some things and get back to maybe a simpler life. It’s weird when these things happen. It changes on OnLive for sure. It totally does.

So we have a gentleman here that we know, and he’s been working on this for a while. But I wanted to go ahead and share that off. And I’m not going to say his name directly, but because they didn’t ask for specific permission to use his name. But I wanted to give you an idea or an example of it.

So let’s go ahead and share the screen here. And we have a link to a bunch of different pictures related to this. So what we have is this is his one hundred and fifty acres of space that he purchased a lot of a hundred and fifty acres. Yeah. And about an hour and fifteen from here. Yeah. And this was what he wanted. This was kind of like it’s not a hobby farm or a hobby ranch. It’s something that he does, he he writes it off.

So there’s a deduction associated with it’s a retirement ranch. Maybe, maybe. So he purchased this space a long time ago. But there’s a whole bunch of people that are doing the same type of thing is they’re getting more space. And here in particular, I’m showing off pictures of the barn that he put off. And he did this work all himself. Yes. And he thoroughly enjoys it. Loves it. Mm hmm. And I’m impressed and inspired by it. You see that we did.

I am I am I this is so as a guy, I really appreciate the fact that he’s building his own home, like actually building his own home. I mean, it’s impressive from a design perspective to a laying everything out himself. And he still works and he still works. And the beauty about that is he just works on this slowly. And he has his own piece of light, his own, his own slice of life. Look at that barn. Isn’t it amazing? Yeah.

So he constructed that, I think, a year and year and change ago and put it all together. And he’s got like a little cabin inside and all types of things. And it’s it’s really nice. And it was cost effective. And he’s able to still work from here. So what he’s currently doing is works during the day and he does a lot of remote meetings and consultations and all those types of things. And then between meetings before work and after work and all those different times of the day at lunch, he goes out and knock some stuff out and he’s totally happy. Yeah. And he continues to improve on what he has now.

He has a home still in in Plano, McKinneyy as a home in McKinney now. So he stays there. His wife likes to stay in McKinney. I don’t know that I blame her, but she she enjoys that. She does enjoy it out there, though. No, it’s totally nice. It’s a transition. It’s amazing.

It really is. So it starts simple and then you can go from there. So there’s a mural that he has and it’s not the kind of mural that Meghan has. So maybe let’s scroll through the pictures, just a touch and he’s able to go through one

hundred and fifty acres of big space. Right. And this is the garage on the inside that or the the barn that he put together. And that’s that’s himself. Right. That’s asking favors of people to come over and hang out and put some stuff together and raise a barn and put it together in. Now, if you’ve been part of a barn raising.

Megan, have you been in charge of a barn raising before, Megan and can can honestly say I have not. You have not. No, I didn’t. Now he has his own. He has his own pond back here. Ryan Big pond, right. It’s really big. I mean, so then he’s going through and cut down these trees. He’s got a fireplace that he, like, burn stuff. Do you like burn piles? I love burn piles. You do. OK, so he’s got a place where you sit like it’s really cool. He put together his own place, invites Captain Dave out through your message here. What’s my message is he’s got a mule.

So this mule goes all around the property. And with that going around the property, he’s got one hundred and fifty acres and he does all types of stuff. It’s in an unincorporated area. He shoots guns. He could do whatever he wants, like it’s a really big space and it has value. And he’s creating family values and family time and all this awesome stuff. His sons working on it with them. I’m just I’m really, really impressed.

This is where I was out and saw the lake the other day. Yeah, we had a great time. Yeah. And, you know, I think I’ve spoke about this before, but since we did stuff like this similar with our, like, property, I was going to say is it’s gotten a lot better for us. We’ve really enjoyed it.

And it’s it wasn’t something that was really our lifestyle. No, it wasn’t. We kind of it kind of just led to that.   And you became I mean, you’re out there and digging in the water and cleaning things out.
And, you know, we’re going to start a whole new skill. We’re going to start on a dock soon. And by we I mean you and I know, OK, I’m excited.

I could see exactly. So we have all different types of things that are going on now, new skills that we’re learning, things that we’re able to do and think outside the box, you know, start thinking, you know, what do you want know what exactly you want and what your clients really want. Listen in sometimes to schools, the most important thing. But if all of a sudden the kids are remote anyways and it change the way you look at things.

But, you know, if you can find land and you can have that and have your day to day life and then have a place to escape to and enjoy, it’s good.

It’s good for the good for the soul.

Yeah. So if anyone wants to get in and buy like a section with us and participate in that and have your own little piece, then let us know. Let’s buy a section. Does anyone know how big a section is Chad in now, if you remember from real estate school, how big a section is? I bet somebody knows without looking it up like they just actually know best in five seconds. Yeah, they’re really good at it. I know O.S. right.

So that’ll be good. OK, thank you guys very much. I hope you enjoyed that topic, but just learn about it and maybe your clients really want this stuff. Ask those questions. Maybe it’s right for you. Maybe you want part of our section that we need to buy.

No, I think it is good to to be, you know, expanding your thoughts and thinking about these things, especially in the market that we’re in future topic to build off of this one is going to be how do I identify where unincorporated lands are and what are they what is the A.J.?

And let’s take a look at that and we’ll see later. What are the differences in rules? What can I do here? What can I not do here? Those are all future topics and be covered on TNT in the near future. And I can tell just by the look on your face, you guys are all excited about it.

That’s good to know. It’s really good to know these are all different things. Just give me lots of tools in your tool belt. Yeah, it’s kind of like the office kind of thing. It all ties into that reference, that topic and pull it in together.

You know, what’s funny is when we talk about things like you and I and all of a sudden it you run into somebody that has that need or is discussing it. It’s just it’s strange how it kind of fits. Like we’ll be talking about something that’s like this and then, you know, a couple of days later we’re somewhere.

And it’s like I was looking for this just happens. Somewhere.

Hey, I’m here to cover real estate topics that are important, and it’s your job as an agent to find the applicable use for them. But just remember, if it’s not perfect for you today to remember this for a little bit later on and hear and see how it works, but you don’t have to commute to Dallas anymore is basically the rule and get what you really want. But think about what it is that you want. Do you want more family time? Do you want a different life to want things you want to be able to write? There’s something to it.

You can also put in here, I think we talked about nomadic Shaxson here, so this a good time for Nomadic Shack to go and put that on his property a little bit quicker. So review this are planning for the future.

It’s not like you’re going you know, you may not want to move today or your client may not want to move today, but just it’s a discussion point to think, you know what I’ve thought about maybe getting some land out and holding on to it until we retire or something like that.
It’s a good it’s a good discussion. Very good.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.2.21

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